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All we know is… by Jarno V Photography on Flickr.

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Via Flickr:
He’s called the MC Stradale!! This is a really beautiful car. The Maserati MC Stradale is my favorite supercar. I am a very big fan of the Maserati car brand and every Maserati I see I like it. This photo was taken at the Maserati dealership in Luxembourg City. She celebrated the 40th anniversary and explains the sticker on the window. They had the showroom refreshed and had a few new cars in the showroom. This car is from Mr. Intini. The boss of this dealer.

I would also thank all my Flickr friends for watching and supporting my Flickr page. For I have now at this moment 5000 views. I hope there will be more to come and that I can continue for a long time with my Flickr page. Up to 10,000!

The photo is edited by a Flickr friend of mine named Santapanter (Teun) hereby thank him for
the support on my Flickr page. More beautiful photos of Santapanter look on his Flickr page.

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